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ddos dns isc.org um can be found in front of the chord cable 13 16 Spectrum of patients. But its inventions, for more comprehensive records of folk music has had its positive meaning. Ten, the mountain stream of the sound of the piano and t DDOS he Fu Xu Shangying Ming 14 year (1641) wrote before the mountain stream music is a feature comparison Artistic DDOS experience, and personal development. Jumping over a total of 24 of the Qin, Northern Song Cui Zun-"beautiful and quiet, and run far away" And systematically deals with the piano work DDOS s of performance art aesthetic principles, it sums up DDOS out by the end of the piano performance View, play and proceed. "And" is the entire master plan. "And" means "string, and sound to sound and meaning." "String" is fingering must conform to the string (including the piano) objective performance. "Meaning and sound" First to take sound accurate, to do every note, every phrase rhythm and the song must be a clear, hierarchical With the "tone" adapt enable melodies to express emotion. As for the "tone and parataxis" Xu Shangying said: Ming; and more importantly is to by reflecting the objective world, "heart", composing a kind of monkey mentioned in ancient literature them, prioritization "Sound from the turn. Sound, tone, Miao-yan ". Indeed, the artist to express The expression "meaning" to be fascinating. Think of the piano "sound" must emphasize forms of beauty, Idea and conception, must be closely integrated harness and skill "tone" and "tone" to obey "meaning" "In a roundabout way, sparse and dense but solid; modulation ups and downs, and multiple broken," "tone" the essence of the "meaning" Is of great importance. It feels it has overtones, including imagine, style, and so on, to make the artist's table Per DDOS fected superb speech: "mountain form and towering shadow; Han run down with the water and air This interval. Variable heat, virtual Don suspected snow and cold to return to grass spring flow. Its hidden and not well on the ". This is ddos dns isc.org