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spamhaus ddos dns attack ize the high" catch image feature-rich things in life--Rocky, Deep story drunk playing the gate, rebellious character of Lu Zhishen was DDOS fully revealed. Early Qing Pu songling Zichuan song, rap ditty made of long suffering, is based on the story of the Liao Zhai Zhi Yi Hong Zhang exposed Heroes and their deeds. The social darkness, whipped up ill, and loot the corrupt officials, praised the farmer Suffering exile around the lives of people in early Qing dynast DDOS y. In addition, is more reflect society in when ordinary men and women This song the first time, was suffering "people fleeing" the play children of male, it vividly reflects the Praise, there is banter of feudal marriage; there is condemnation of ungrateful men, erotic sensuality is also Love theme works. Such works, manifestations, fair DDOS ly complicated; there is pure love To appreciate. Among them, like Suzhou song (spectrum see supra) description of such young women pursue freedom of marriage Work, especially with typical. They reflect the conditions of capitalist growth, cities of the factors of economic prosperity , People ask for thought through to the feudal custom to fight for freedom. Takes advantage of economy of materials used for inserting new material, the use of transposition, tonal variations (tone and Ditty in the arts throughout the Ming and Qi DDOS ng times also vary, but in General, they Adjustable) melodies and other development methods, shape the art of accurate and vivid images, such as social ditty The Azolla is made up of this basic melodies repeated six times: Every time over and over again, and because of these songs almost always have new requirements, so the melody is always different Changes, for example, repeated a second time in addition to head outside its melodies almost 1 time extension, and the third Repeated almost extended the 1 time: This apparently received a favorable effect, it makes the melody changes are consistent with new content each time you need And ach spamhaus ddos dns attack