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ddos dns attacks ll curvature Development has a considerable impact. Folk songs are working people to express their feelings, will, desire of an art form, but also Their daily lives, a powerful weapon in the fight against the DDOS production and reality. Yangge "," Orange-port water song "(Ming · Dong Liu, Yu Yizheng of the Royal Plaza features), and qiongzhou in Sichuan Ming and Qing times, created by people of all ethnic groups to all sorts of different forms of folk songs, for example, farmers in the suburbs of Beijing "insert "Yangko" (of the qiongzhou Chi ming), Nan Wu area "folk songs" (Ming · fe DDOS ng Meng-long of the folk song), OAR song (Qing · Yi Wang of the CIPU.NET.CN) and the Hengshan mountain in Hunan Province "tea song" (Qing·liuxianting the guangyang miscellaneous JI), Guangdong Chao DDOS zhou "Yangko" nanxiong, Changle and other women's mid-autumn moon sang "take months The song "," Moon song "(Qing · Lee transferred to the South Vietnamese notes), Guangxi's regular caddie," mark flower song "(Ming · Kuang Condensation of the Chek Lap Kok ya), lute songs of the Dong nationality (Ming·Tian thou s DDOS halt steal into the inflammatory Yuki smell and so on. These folk songs due to differences in geography, people and customs, languages, each with different styles With distinctive, and they perfectly reflect the requirements of the people, with a strong fighting spirit and strong The breath of life. So in Ming and Qing dynasty rulers were panic, for example, in the code of Qing dynasty of the hybrid offense committed Provides that "where an act of hubris, because of statements made, into songs, they danced down the street, as well as vulgar slang and DDOS mockers Gained from the word Communicator, both inside and outside the Palace where Take, lay hold of Kosovska Mitrovica in a timely manner. " But these measures do not bring people Lips are sealed. They continued working in the life struggle with real fire created a number of revealing the feudal system A Ming dynasty f ddos dns attacks