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intrusion detection system ddos ke words, Huang Zhong Gong of the dual characters in popular form of spectroscopy and called the "dr DDOS um stick" Wrapped around its musical form is made: Of the circle in the circle: The more you better rabbits ', ' gu ' and ' bone's own '. Basil pill ' and ' gold ', the doctor is a bitch, and the good boy ' and ' make ', Of the double: The double, and the pairing of slow The lion sequence ' and ' broken ', ' make ' and ' ... Victory rush ' and ' three children. According to the capital of Ji Sheng, of the Yuefu means fans of the book, song sung when earned not only the professional enter DDOS tainer "A lot of" professional organizations and "respectability". Through the efforts of these artists, it absorbs, melting Cavity, in art, to quickly improve and mature. Judging from the above two cases, both of them slowly Civil society widely popular at the time of the slower songs, song-broken machine, large curved, very fast singing, playing, music, sounds, etc Song of the double slower, also from daqu or song to break the broken child, and the ... Victory rush; Both belong to the short lyri DDOS c into a double order, also from melody--in people's life under the street Square peddle tones of Basil's "scream"--of the perilla; there's even Taoist wrapped around Unique "four times" (repeated four times) "order"--the lion sequence, and so on, so make Male is very rich. Making performances, read a poem before the singing Ye Xiaochai, known as "by language". And then by Singers strike plates, drums, one flute accompaniment by one person (78), the backup band is known as "drum Plate ". Make a cyclical form, from the double wrapped around the existing spectrum, there are two main features: (1) the whole song except the DDOS first two songs, but the rest of the song names may vary, but in fact most of the double Sequence appears as a lot of expansion, becoming more lyrical sweetly. And one in the ... Victory rush Order evolved the melodic material changes, such as the heart m intrusion detection system ddos