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unicorn ddos download body covered with feathers as loaded Ornaments, Oracle, "" character, is its positive image. In chongyang, Hubei Province in recent years ha DDOS s unearthed a night Shang dynasty to the early Western Zhou dynasty bronze drum Ben, that is such a shape (Figure 11). In addition, there is a large drum Called "tea" (feng, the sound) and a small drum called "" (that is, 鞀, t á o, the sound washes). Divination in mind JI contains: "down tube drum 鞀", we can infer that later may be used with the 鞀 drum tube (a wind instru DDOS ment) -"Old squad", "capric Hai played", is used between the drum and the 鞀 drum. According to the book · benefits Play wind instruments the primitive age. Oldest wind instrument, is Zhejiang Prov DDOS ince Hemudu ruins Bone whistle (Figure 12) and an ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument. Shang dynasty instrument has an ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument, 籥, and blowing, statement, taro, etc. An ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument size Two passages, there are five sound hole, the size of three DDOS groups for a set, as described earlier, Hui County Grand Glass Pavilion in great tomb unearthed an ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument. 籥, which described a series of pipe melody instrument. And Oracle May be later Shaw's predecessor. Taro, (y ū tone on), Oracle, "" or "". Oracle bone inscriptions containing "" May be a small fungus. Oracle "", much like a single pipe blowing instrument, "His (places) new (taro), Zhi told the (TSO) b", indicate that the time for a new one Taro, in front of ancestral idols. All in all, mentioned above, not all the instruments of the Shang dynasty, Five, of the Bukit Bintang But has already been reflected in the musical culture reached a very high degree. The Bukit Bintang is the creation of large-scale music and dance in the early Western Zhou dynasty, described Zhou Wu major history when King Wu History records that King Zhou Yin Dai famous tyrant. Song and dance legend spent his days to i unicorn ddos download