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udp ddos download ose In the structure of these seven, five pronunciation has always been at the core of the pentatonic scale. This DDOS Is Zi said, "nine songs, eight wind, sound, six of seven, to serve five" (the Zuo Zhuan · Zhao 20 Of five years). From the perspective of existing sound-measuring materials, though still not a complete collapse in the Hui County of seven acoustic structure, but the corner cleaning Fire trench culture fis DDOS h-shaped dam has been puffed out of the ruins, and the presence of clear plume in Hui County in an ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument, said Ming sound structures are these seven scales form with a long history in China. Seven scales and sound levels, and underg DDOS one long years for more than 3,000 years, we can see, there are scales F DDOS rom a small half way up an ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument produced one of the earliest third degree intervals from late Shang to appear complete on the spring and autumn pentatonic Four, Wu and Shang dynasty music Recognition is a result of long research and practice. Wu Yuan is in primitive society with greater knowledge, singing and dancing, legends can transport the man of mystery. Witch Shangyin, with identical history, divination, Jeong Palm divination positions, can speak for Ghost, affected countries Politics and the King's actions. The shangshu · concentrates on article stop Shangyin King problematic thing And Qingshi (high noble), ordinary people (lower nobility) talk and history of witchcraft, "Bu DDOS Shi, Wu Chang to sing and dance to match, so Wu Shangyin people well versed in music and dance. Divination (sh ì music) "at stake," Fred divination "was connected to decide whether or not your role. Divination, sacrifice Witch music belongs to civilization of the Shang dynasty. Have entered this area of Henan, and to fight under the leadership of the soup summer established the Shang dynasty. Pan Geng moved in the Shang dynasty Yin Qian Originally living in the lower reaches of the Yell udp ddos download