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ddos software free download hree phases, the Liangzhu culture ruins of original musical instru DDOS ments Ancestors during the lengthy primitive society in crea DDOS ting original music. From the extant ancient legends, you can see Serves the interests of the collective. Ancient texts contained in "rate of the animals dance" and "fen grain" legend instructions Music ori DDOS ginates from the labor, and dissolved and witchcraft, original dance, poetry as a whole, labor practices and Original instruments, such as Tao Xun, made from an animal limb bones "bone flute", Kok, Chinese alligator drums and Tao Tao D DDOS uo, etc. Their sacrifices to ancestors, hunting, animal husbandry, farming life. The cultural relics unearthed in the area From Xia dynasty of the 20th century BC onwards, slave history in China. On the Xia culture is still deliberating. After the summer (around 17-front before 11th century) and Western Zhou dynasty (about Higher levels of the mulberries ' occurred ' and ' Hu ' (h which tones), GE (JI Grands syllables), Before the 11th century before-770), the heyday of civilizations and splendid bronze culture. Music has reached The music and dance of the Tawu, and have more varieties of instruments appeared. Also has produced numerous steps adjustable, Built 12, already has a concept of absolute pitch, Spacey, redeployment of a preliminary understanding on Palace, Run a couple of music education. Spring and autumn and the warring States period (770--before 221 BC) is my slave society to feudal society, and Building society formed. Kingdoms are horizontal, the frequent wars, hundreds of small States gradually merging into A few large countries, establishment o DDOS f a unified, multi-ethnic feudal State laid the Foundation. During this period, Use as tools, agriculture, crafts and commerce has been rapid development. All localities and In terms of economic and cultural exchanges among peoples, mutual influence, and also promotes the development of music culture. The first First Zheng, Wei, song, Q ddos software free download