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download juno ddos ondary to descriptive statistical analysis-histogram percentage categories for men and women. As can be seen, in addition to "happy, stimulated" proportion of males than females, but other women more than men. 4, "bias" variable "Gender" variable was divided into 3 subgroups. "Happy passion" are mostly men, belonging to subgroups of the 1th; "-lonely effort" and "muddling through" and "Internet age" similar male DDOS /female ratio, close to 1:1, girls slightly more, belonging to the 2nd subset; "traditional Rookie" belong to subgroups of the 3rd, female student DDOS s constitute the majority. Chart 9-31 "gender" variable in the selected group in the 5, 22-comparative analysis of variance according to "Subsetforalpha=0,05" Interior divided into subsets by sample type 123 happy passion 921,3370 lonely hard-1211,5620 live-1131,5841 survival network 301,600 DDOS 0 traditional rookie-type distribution part of the Group of men and women in the 931,8602Sig,1,000,8801,000 9-32 "Biased" variables are divided into 3 subgroups. "The traditional Rookie", "lonely effort" and "muddling through", character in favour of introversion, 1th subpopulations; "happy passion" DDOS are on the outward-looking, belonging to the 2nd subset; "Internet age" belong to subgroups of the 3rd, most outward personality. These results can be inferred, the more outgoing individual to favour "Internet age" or "happy passion", while the more introverted personality is more in favour of "traditional Rookie", "lonely effort" and "muddling through". Chart 9-33 "bias" variable from being part of the group, 22 comparative analysis of variance according to "Subsetforalpha=0,05" consists of subsets group sample size 123 traditional rookie-efforts that we 931,2043 1211,3058 live with passion-live 922,1957 network-type 1131,3805 happy 302,5667Sig,0,4301,0001,000 Chart 9-34E generation of consumers with "parents" lifestyle differences between e-generation consumers, "fathers" DDOS consumer values values factors 1: traditional values (f download juno ddos