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ddos ip download erience the leisure act DDOS ivity and, therefore, was named "city leisure activity of the passion" factor. 4th factor: "lazy plain leisure activity" factor. 4-question, the variance contribution rate of 10,878%, its variables are also larger inertia, no large amount of activity, activity level is very low, therefore, was named "flat for lazy leisure activity" factor. 5,E generation of consumer media time analysis The average value (score) network 16,2026,1321,8111,666,913,2414,042,84 46 DDOS ,6531,1010,151,941,300,867,991,87 6 DDOS ,7013,6121,8115,5513,8215,3313,173,69 radio television newspapers magazines 7, 3442,9828,085,622,591,7311,662,64 Note: media contact time score time period is defined according to the questionnaire, the higher the long times of access to the media. Chart consumer media contacts 9-22E generation time average 6, data reliability analysis 9-21E media generation consumers spend time analyzing the chart (n=463) e-generation media every day to work (percentage%) do not take the time for less than an hour and 1 hour can't make more t DDOS han seven hours and 2-3 hours 5 hours media contact Reliability data analysis refers to a set of questions to measure the same concept, which is a very important indicator of evaluating data quality. In empirical studies, the most common way to measure data reliability was calculated for each variable contains a factor in the kelangbaha (Cronbach) Alpha values. Chart 9-23 Cronbach  sAlpha reliability analysis of internal consistency reliability of data reliability was calculated for the first question: "values" and total reliability of all variables 0,81639 factor 1: traditional values 0,75084 facto DDOS r 2: the pursuit of 0,78223 success factor 3: happy, stimulating 0,78002 the second big issue: "view on the network" all the variables total reliability factor 1 0,802716: passionate obsession with 0,77094 factor 2: lonely 0 dependent, 63,194 factor 3: rookie ignorance 0,72064 factor 4: survival tool 0,78534 the third big issue: ddos ip download