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ddos hacking software download eristic value to "greater th DDOS an 1" for principal components analysis through variance maximum method (Varimax) rotation-orthogonal, and pull factors (FactorExtraction), the third step, factor name and explanation. Finally unify the factor analysis results reliability testing. Through factor analysis of load, got a 3 factor content is as follows: 1th factor: "traditional values" factor. The factor 4-question, DDOS variance 2 DDOS 8,221% contribution rate, a factor load of 0,559 per cent, consisting of "sense of belonging", "along with others", "security", "self esteem" variable, as are the values of tradition, was named the "traditional values" factor. Chart 9-15 "values" rotated factor analysis results of rotated factor contains a variable factor load characteristic value variance contribution rate (%) value of KMO BA little sphere test Sig, factor 1: traditional values belonging 0,796 0,776 sense of harmony with others cent self respect 0,5592,54028,221 factor 2: the pursuit of self-realization 0,833 0,871 achievement for others to respect 0, 5702,09423,267 factor 3: happy stimulating thrill 0,901 happy 0,6011,33014,781 cumulative variance contribution rate consists of the living 66,2690,8350,000 The 2nd factor: "pursuit" factor. Containing 3 questions, and 23,267% contribution rate variances, between 0,570~0,871-factor loads, consisting of "self-actualization," "satisfaction" and "be respected by others," variable, belong to the pursuit of achievement recognition category, was named "the pursuit of achievement" factor. 3rd factor: "happy to stimulate". With 2 problems, variance 14,781% contribution rate, a factor of load per cent and 0,901 respectively, contained "thrill", "happy pleasures of life" two variables, the thrill-happy type, named "happy to stimulate" factor. 2,E generation analysis of consumer perception of network KMO 0,772 belo DDOS ngs to General high level Pakistan little sphere test is also notable, therefore suitable for factor analysis successfully draw 4 ddos hacking software download