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hulk ddos tool download u want. Brand perception, the majority of respondents (8-bit) to buy things not found brands, for the attempt of the new brand, the majority of respondents (9) indicated that they would not attempt. Almost all respondents (12-bit) that work for the money, for life, rather than a sense of accomplishment, and so on. And most of the respondents (8-bit) that work without pre DDOS ssure. Leisure, respondents on average spent 1 week 1, 86 days relaxation, more DDOS than half of the respondents (7-bit) means that even if the revenue is also hoping to get more time and freedom. Respondents mentioned the holiday weekend's main leisure activities for sports, hiking, sleeping, and watching TV, listening to music, reading, playing mahjong, Poker (see chart 9-13). Chart 9-13 "parents" weekend leisure activities As can be seen from the above table, television in "p DDOS arents" consumers accounted for most of the media life, the average daily consumption per person for more than 3 hours, and the rest is for newspapers and magazines. Radio stations, networks, almost no contact with the media type. (B) the commonality of e-generation consumer analysis (factor analysis) 5, daily access to media: television, newspapers chart 9-14 "parents" exposure of media every day case unit: press takes no time less than an hour and 1 hour indefinite three hours and 2-3 hours 4 hours or more average time television hour magazine and newspaper 01631023-4-hour radio network 7.3021 million 1.11 million, less than 1 hour less than 1 hour 1,E generation analysis of consumer personal values Common on e-generation consumers primary in factor analysis and principal components analysis, research methods, is a three-step process: first, an analysis of the correlation matrix of the data to see if suitable for factor analysis, this study took KMO (Kaiser  Meyer  OlkinMeasureofS DDOS amplingAdequacy) measurement and the little ball test (Bartletttestofsphericity) two way to check Second step, establishment of the charact hulk ddos tool download