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hoic ddos download 9-9 overview sample age number number% number% character of the city in favour of outward 27860,019~206514,0 29764,1%16~1810322,2 Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen 7516,2 15834,121~2210823,3 other 275,823~2518740,4 316,7 within 5511,9 students from other local 51,1 gender ide DDOS ntity-men and 19842,8 31,568 0 26,557 for women, 2 working adults 12727,4 part-time 194,1 20% 2, fashion, popular opinion: insensitivity, not the pursuit of Most respondents believe that at this stage the most DDOS important thing is "healthy body" and "harmonious family", "family health", and "the development of children, loved ones have a better". Almost no one refers to "work", "improve your l DDOS ife" or "pursuit of new things". Can see that respondents value the personal values of factors of "sense of security" and "live in harmony with others," two major factors.  9-11 "parents" respondents value distribution Part II: an empirical study on the 6th section: e-generation consumer lifestyles in China: an empirical study (3) Most of the respondents indicated that they had not changed in years dress-up and self image, for a maximum of 20, the average duration of personal image for 4, distributed as 9-12. In terms of exposure to Western culture, 84,6% (11-bit) respondents expressed through the medium of film exposed to Western culture, but none of the respondents indicated an interest in immigration and in accordance with the Western way of life. Chart 9-12 "father" did not change the image map 3, shopping and consumption: a deliberate, rational 4, work and leisure: a survival strategy, casual-oriented Most of the respondents said their shopping carefully, there are 8 respondents said their shopping is a leap, and 6 of them even said that they would not be put on the sales people to convince to buy. For the price, quality, and 9 respondents wo DDOS uld rather spend more money to buy good quality products, in addition, the majority of respondents (8-bit) that won't wait till prices to buy what yo hoic ddos download