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easy ddos download +31 per capita living space of rural living space of 8.19.414.717.821.024.224.825.7 City data source: according to the Statistical Yearbook of DDOS China finishing. Four typical consumption changes 1. private room and the exponential increase in China's consumer revolution first per capita living space has been well reflected in housing consumption, starting around 2000, as the Government has vigorously pursued reform of the housing system, urban housing and real estate market development, n DDOS ew historical stage of the Chinese to enter private premises. As shown in chart 1-6, per capita living space has grown at a more stable growth. In 2000 and later took on a growth spurt, of urban and rural residents in housing spending has increased substantially. 2. for private consumption growth Chart table DDOS and 1-7 private car on the fast growth of Chinese car consumption growth figure for the calendar year (million), From the House to the car, private car consumption in 2001 to be new hot consumption of urban residents.   1-7 data from a chart we can see that 2001-2002 was an important transition year after 2001 car entered a period of rapid growth of consumption. Up 50% in 2002 than in 2001, while the growth in 2003 than in 2002 Data source: 2003 survey of the repository of the Ark. 80% strong. Plan to buy within the next 5 years the family car scale diagram 3. tourist consumption multiplied Residents intend to purchase in the next 5 years the ratio is quite DDOS high, especially in Beijing, reached 41%. It also means car consumption is at a formative. Travel and leisure is an important symbol of consumption. Tourism 20 years ago something was out of reach for the majority of Chinese people, today, tourism on the vast majority of people in China's big cities has become inevitable, farmers in China's developed areas have also been traveling was rife. After the mid 1990, tourist spending has been growing at a more stable. 2002 urban per-capita tou easy ddos download