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ddos protection how to respectful DDOS to the people.   Hair   Hair blown by the wind, showing a woman's natural charm. For hair, you treat it?   Detail 1 senor while washing my hair, hair massage the head, then wash with warm water, and then dry with a towel.   Details 3 senor hairstyles should be based on individual faces different alternatives, but they can try it layered short hair.   Detail 4 flaxen senor did you try? Professional Hairstylist, linen color best suited f DDOS or Chinese women's Brown eyes.   DDOS Detail ⊙ on 2nd used to eating more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, you can also use a moisturizing function of hair products.   Dress code   Don't think feminine and elegant women should pay attention to dress code, natural temperament but also decoration tips.   ⊙ Detail 1 avoid tight-fitting styles. In life, you can choose a comfortable wool sweater and baggy casual trousers.   Senor 2 for fashion does not have to follow the details. Natural woman should have individual personalities a DDOS nd aesthetics.   Detail 3 senor who dressed instead of clothed people. Don't spend lots and lots of money on brand-name.   Detail 4 If senor yen without too much research, life is best to choose stable, neutral color.   Detail comes on 5 qualities more important than style, quality is the heart of the demand, style is the outer form.   Fingertip   Details 1 manicure senor ago, oil-coated armor, makes a smooth and lasting color.   A woman's second film, if you are a career woman, you will show a bad "business card"?   ⊙ Detail 2 in soft understated colors of nail polish.   5 detail practice gentle charm   Details more than 3 eat senor to nails health most beneficial vitamins and minerals, such as milk, cheese, almonds, olives, etc.   Talk   Gentle flower of the woman is in the crystal clear water. Gentle woman who exudes the pine-like fragrance. The gentle woman, regardless of age, witho ddos protection how to