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ddos deflate log er, DDOS reminiscent of strata under Unearth the ancient village, also remembered that ancient trees, the Yellow Emperor's mausoleum. How much I want to hug a hug the ancient thinkers, no exploration of their hard, there would be no today Wisdom of the human race. Just as there no man brave enough to walk down the tree of apes, DDOS there would be no human-like. How many tens of Years of work experience and accumulated wisdom, before human civilization today. Each individual person Class next to the river of wisdom, but lik DDOS e a drink of the river Mole. In the forest of knowledge, are not Like a perch on a Wren. This is how many millions DDOS of drops of water into the River, this forest is how many billions Look at the she JI Tan, you're thinking of China's soil, loess in the Yellow River basin, Sichuan basin Strain vegetation consisting of Ah! Red soils, fertile black soil, white chalky soil?. In literature, many will come to you on the mud Story: Pack up a bag hidden in the soil of the motherland side abroad; some died, wills must be DDOS On the soil of the motherland into their own chest; it was far-right back exotic leaned over to Kiss Kiss yourself abroad Land. These touching stories about soil, one of the five-colored soil singular emotion, as if it Like poetry. Their role is in the fairy tale, on every grain of soil can be described a bizarre story or sing a song of good Look at this tight shedder-colored bed, a person will think of territorial unity, The Chinese never highly unified on. Fragmented, powers over their era King not to say War on our land in order to unify the many thousands of times, but strictly speaking, history It, like master like the poor puppet in Kyoto sent pork, meat all day condolence domineering Princes Times have not to say that it was known as the era of strong unity, rather than have a lot of supporters of the clan, Many of the autocratic King ' s relative, in many parts of the Hao PA, in front of LeBron in his territory, the Centra ddos deflate log