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ddos protection for home connection 9. Do you feel comfortable and quiet environment?   -No a-b-c not sure 10. How he DDOS althy are you?   -A was never made a-b-c-12. Do you have chronic disease?   Generally don't get sick occasionally get sick-a-b-c-11 minor ailments often suffer from colds, cough. Every year for medical checks on a regular basis?   -No a-b-c don't know 13. Knowledge knowledge of self-health checks?   -A very well-probably know little about b-c 14. Usually concerns health care knowledge?   -A-b-c basic great concern not concerned about 15. You can control food in DDOS take?   A-not-b basic control-c is a strict control 16. You can limit the consumption of junk food?   A-not-b Basic can limit themselves to never eat junk food-c 17. For your physique, you can choose to eat?   A-not-b-c is not DDOS very clear 18. How do you eat tastes?   Fade-a-b-c focus on 19. Do you think that a ve DDOS getarian diet is good for your health?   -A-b is not-c is not clear about 20. What do you most like to drink water?   -A-b-c often rarely 22. Do you love to eat fruits and vegetables?   Mineral water or water carbonated soft drinks-a-b-c 21 natural fruit or vegetable juice. How often do you eat dairy products?   -A is not-b DDOS -c-General 23. Whether you prefer meat?   -A-b-c is not generally, meat paired with 24. Like it or not, chocolate, ice cream?   -A-b don't like-25 c. If you like fries, BBQ, spicy food?   -A-b was not pleased-c 26. Whether to use natural health products on a regular basis?   -A-b is not-c off and on 27. Do you smoke?   Is-a-b-c smoking do not smoke from 28. How the quality of your sleep?   General 30-a is not-c-b. Your mentality is younger than actual age?   -A is not-b-c-31. Mental health counseling on a regular basis?   Often need the help of sleeping pills help himself to sleep-a,-b easier to sleep and a good night's sleep-c, good slack, 29. There is no sexual desire, sexual performance decline ddos protection for home connection