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ddos cod4 told me that he was a diplomat, ill treatment, doctors say Our joys and DDOS sorrows. I remember, in 1961, I visited a famous in Tokyo Japan writer, I Decided to see the beautiful legacy, will take up the pen to write the novel. Did not think doctors He's alive's days are numbered. His unwillingness to empty-handed died, but also wanted to do a good thing, he I also have my own personal experience. Init DDOS ially took up the brush and write a novel, I just arrived in Paris, China Wrong diagnosis as a writer, he lived to this day. He a sincere conversation was engraved in my heart Students, I miss my country, Miss family and friends, to make fire coming out DDOS of the heart, I turned to pen and paper. I Living in a small hotel on five floors in the room full of gas, listen to the bells of Notre Dame, worry In my writings. Finished writing the novel, gradually extinguished the fire of the heart, I got a short rest. Novel Urgent scribbling pen. Past love and hate, sorrow and joy, hope and despair, suffering and sympathy to Recognized by readers after the publication, ever since I embarked on the path of literature. From 1927 to the present, in addition to The "cultural revolution" for ten years, I always put down the pen. I'm just writing to one goal: Contribute to the community in which I live, responsibility to the readers as fellow citizens, I have ne DDOS ver interrupted with reading Link to my reader's expectations as encouragement. I always say, if my artwork And I'm very satisfied. But I also remember the Soviet Union during the great patriotic war story of a teenage girl. Erich lehninger Bring warmth to the readers, when they were struggling to make a crutch for them to add a little Le long siege by the Nazis, the whole city was blacked out, no electricity, no candle, she in the dark Remember to have read the novel, Tolstoy's Anna Karenina has helped her through those Night of terror. Literary works do tend to provide the reader with the strength and support. I' ddos cod4