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ddos protection for home and lifestyle.   Some people mistook the acid and base foods is to taste of acids and bases to distinguish that there was sour foods are acidic foods, in fact not the case. Ph after food is DDOS in the body metabolism, metabolites of acidity to divide, not from the difference in the taste. Fresh fruit even though the flavor is tart, also belong to the basic product, and preserved egg alkaline is heavy, but it was acidic foods.   Diet in the first place to start. Simply put, when the body is acid, should pay a DDOS ttention to eating alkaline foods; when the body when there is a strong alkali, to eating acidic foods. For example, eating too much acidic subs DDOS tances such as meat for a while, after the eggs, oil, sugar, fish, edible kelp, mushroom taro, beans, tofu and other neutral. Acid alkaline food 1:4 ratio is a more re DDOS asonable, that is, four in a meat + veggies. Alkaline foods should not be long-term excessive consumption is strongly alkaline in the body can cause physical illness as a result of malnutrition, also appear on the skin, dandruff, hair loss, dry dough issues such as acne, simple eating alkaline foods i DDOS s to correct the body acid environments.   ¡Ñ new life begins with vegetarian   On the way, should be avoided within a short time consuming human amino acids and fats, increase in metabolites of acidic substances. When the body is too late or cannot adjust, body fluid's acid-base balance would be destroyed, make the body acidic environment easily, such as the brain, with eyes, staying up late and drinking too much.   Vegetarian food in terms of health benefits. Vegetarian can purification blood, settled mood; food pigment is most natural of longevity of road; vegetarian is most effective and most fundamental of beauty incumbent; vegetarian can reduced cancer of incidence, especially rectal cancer, and colon cancer of occurred; vegetarian can reduced heart, and hypertension, and diabetes and obesity, chronic disease of occurred; vegetarian ddos protection for home