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cloudflare under ddos ccounting. I don't let you do, but it is expected to An accountant. There is a way, I'll keep on studying DDOS it. Soon, the Tsinghua University to find me so virtuous Cannot be taught because the former President is accused to be inducted into you. So, I finally got when Vocational education. It was about 1931. At Tsinghua, they encounter a difficulty: H DDOS ow do I work? This is a problem, because when a teacher's Assistant at Tsinghua University, should have university qualifications, or Are not qualified teachers. Subsequently, arranged for me when the Math Department of Tsinghua University Assistant. So-calle DDOS d Assistant was in charge Pipe books, control documents, typing, running a few errands. Assistant has been very good, I continued to hold on XI. After 1.5 years, they asked me to teach calculus. This is very sad. Why is that? Because No position is! Adopted at the special meeting, Professor of Tsinghua University, asked me to teach calculus. This means that, Tsinghua University recognized me, I can is worth a University graduate. Graduated from junior high school to university DDOS teachers, As you can see, learn to work hard at it, efforts can go up very quickly. I'm around 6.5 years, usually junior high through college for eight years. From this point the students By 1936, I'll go into the United Kingdom. 1938 I from the United Kingdom back, because at the time the anti-Japanese war , There's lots of things to do. Come back, let me directly when the professor at Tsinghua University. From teaching assistants to teach Granted, before and after seven year DDOS s. Now all of us, are in research institutes, they are university graduates, environmental Very good, and books and magazines, and mentor and, more importantly, there is the leadership of the party, but they are Have no confidence in the world's advanced level. You know, by 2000, more than 20 years, can you make it Position? From my experience, the students can do the accounts, with a little knowledge of s cloudflare under ddos