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cloudflare ddos limit e extremely harmful. First, because it does not meet the arts and practical Situation in art circles, DDOS ideological emancipation is not overdone, just came with a nod from the real ideas And cultural democracy is a far cry from the liberation and, secondly, because after more than 2000 years of feudal rule in China, Though the movement against Confucian ritual, advocating emancipation, but DDOS do not put the entire complex Influence of pan, along with Lin Biao, Kang sheng, "gang of four" group of long-term programme the ultra-leftist, and Feudal ideology completely destroyed. Practice has proved that due to the feudal ideology and culture in China has broad Old and new bondage of dogmatism, China in the arts to really ema DDOS ncipate the mind, is by no means a short period can Solve things. In this regard, we have these elderly people who have done it, some personal experience, Revolution cut tails, to the movement later wrote in the vernacular, plus punctuation, this category is trivial Four modern times, people's thinking is inevitably enormous and profound changes. Marx Said: "the ' spirit ' bad luck from the beginning, destined by material ' entanglement '. "Horses, Grace and Lenin repeatedly quoted Goethe famously called "my dear friend, tree of life is Evergreen, After a period of intense struggle. Today, in the work of the party and the Government shift the focus to All theory is grey ". This saying is very good. It shows the relation DDOS ship between the material and spiritual, explains Life is the source of theory. Tree of life is Evergreen, theory? Is subordinate to life. This does not This great theories of Marxism-Leninism. Created Marxism of Marx and Engels, for more than 100 years Is the theory of belittling, but reveal their intrinsic relationship. In my opinion, this sentence also applies And the fundamental principles of Marxism, such as dialectical materialism and historical materialism, capitalism and social Ming and is to prove the truth. Howev cloudflare ddos limit