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countermeasures to ddos a poor peasant family, from Small labour force part DDOS icipation, by the influence of peasant life, taste and language. In 1925 was admitted to Changzhi provincial IV Normal school, here accepting the "May Fourth" new cultural enlightenment, attended school within the Communist leadership The student movement and joined the Communist Party in 1927. Found 1928 fleeing Kuomintang reactionaries Catch, sneaking into their home, have lost status and membership, and thereafter taught elementary school in my hometown, the attendants and shop staff Active in the anti-Japan DDOS ese propaganda, writing small street theatre, to attend performances, rejoined the following year total And so on, and started writing. 1936 rural teachers language teacher in Zhao Shu-li's appointment by a friend, Middle class party. After the o DDOS utbreak of the war, Zhao Shu-li Changzhi and other for anti-Japanese propaganda work and previously served as the yellow journal, The war of life, such as the Chinese newspaper editor, and writes out the married xiaoerhei, and the officials were underplaying t DDOS he Such "reflect the most outstanding works of the struggle in the countryside. "The liberation of Zhao Shu-li's continued to work with him to make Years, the Dalian meeting be involved. The year 1965 in Shanxi province "of literary and art circles." He stood out in depth Capturing the era's new melody, impressed farmers under the new historical conditions the joys and sorrows of the foot. 1962 Life, the "cultural revolution", Zhao Shu-li's persecution. Died in September 1970, DDOS in Taiyuan. Zhao Shu-li was a farmer from rural, reflecting farmers ' voices writers. He often could pass for a while A life, reflecting the universal problem of change in rural China. His strict adherence to Mao Zedong in extended Speech on Symposium of literature and art creation of principles, repeatedly state the writer must live right. General molecular images, and his speeches are complete and accurate reflection of th countermeasures to ddos