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ixia ddos client an be organized, must be organized, must be promoted and developed. The State economy alone without cooperation Social economy, we are not likely to lead the working people's individual economy gradually to collectivization, neit DDOS her should By the development of new democratic society to socialist society in the future, it is impossible to secure the proletariat in The State economy is Socialist in nature, cooperative economy is half Socialist in nature, coupled with priv DDOS ate funding State power in the leadership. Who ignore or disdain it, nobody will make a very big mistake. This, coupled with individual economic, cooperation coupled with State and private economy of state capitalism, Is the people's Republic of some of the DDOS major sectors of the economy, these constitute a new democratic economies. VI, national economic recovery and development of the people's Republic, no foreign trade control policies It is impossible. Weed out imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism in China and the national Party rules (this is imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism focuses on these three), and Establish an independent integrated industrial system does not solve the problem, only won on t DDOS he economy Exhibition, from a backward agricultural country into an advanced industrial country, before a final solution to this problem. While To that end, the control is impossible without foreign trade. Nationwide victory of the Chinese revolution, and the Contradiction of the working class and the capitalist class. Second is foreign, namely China and the imperialist country Spears After the settlement of land issues, there are two basic contradiction in China. First is internal, the Shield. Because of this, the State power of the people's Republic under the leadership of the working class, in the people's Democratic Revolution won After Lee, not weaken, but must be strengthened. Control of the domestic regulation of capital and foreign trade, Will make g ixia ddos client