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laser cannon ddos rs did not regard women as People think about, they can give a woman the ability to develop in the most stringen DDOS t restrictions, even though very few have the opportunity to study or just Wom DDOS an is subject to the mere enslavement ideological education. Girls ' schools taught how to Cook, how to be too So, how to serve the teachers and guests, subordinate female employees, is to serve the superior and superior Teasing. It used to suffer bitter women, would know better than I. When it comes to working women, whether in a feudal and semi-feudal and semi-colonial society, or colonization People in society are subject to exploitation and two-fold pain of feudal oppression, more bitter than other classes of women. Now's new democratic society was quite different in the liberated areas. Provides women on the policy agenda, both in More importantly found in practice. Women Com DDOS missioners in the liberated areas, female Mayor, komissar, female Director, female Politically, economically, culturally, and social equality of status with men, not only provided under the programme, Long, female village chiefs, managers, women's Editor. In school there are no limits for men and women, men and women work without Limitations, only looks at the capacity and experience to decide, not like the old days of DDOS age, looks, wealth Production eligibility limit women. We look at Northeast China liberated areas: Political Commissar of the highest organs of female members (Songjiang Province and Minister of education), the Political Commissar of bin County woman, Dali College female Dean, Songjiang, Yu long fire-mill, Mall Manager, provincial and municipal women's services Member of female heads of household, female Chief, a female Secretary and Director, women dir DDOS ectors, women's captain not win meter. Nurse, Female accountants, women such as the Telegraph, the telephone technician, also emerged a large number of role models and heroes. It's intellectual, with regard to women workers, laser cannon ddos