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how to use ion cannon ddos e lower deck Years of Zhu ziqing's United Kingdom study, learning approaches and the United Kingdom literature, returning the following year became Tsinghua University Chinese People were filled with pity, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal democratic ideas and integrity of DDOS character. 1931 Head of the Department. After the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war DDOS , Zhu Zi-Qing's South with Tsinghua University, in the Southwest as the Chinese Department Officer, and was elected as the Member of the National Association of Arts and the enemy China. In the hard years of the war, that he did not Poor gu, in a rigorous manner in teaching and literary studies. After the war, the nationalist government Civil war, repression of the democracy movement, in particular the 1946 Li gongpu, Wen Yiduo we re killed, Zhu Since the Qing dynasty shocked and indignant, his disregard for personal safety, which was held at Chengdu, smell the tragedy mourned Li And reports of Wen Yiduo's life story. In the fight against hunger, against civil war, he is suffering from a serious illness, Selling flour, always maintain a righteous patriotic intellectuals of high integrity. In 1948, Zhu Zi-Qing Protests of the United States helped Japanese policy and refused to receive US aid flour Declaration signed and asked his family not to buy and enjoy Died in penury. Zhu ziqing is typical of patriotic intellectuals. He had a long and tortuous road, in the dark Realistic education, driven by the patriotic pro-democracy movement and finally became a committed Revolutionary Democratic primary Righteous warriors. Selected on the integrity, was two years before he died at Thu new poems to celebrate the UN General Assembly to poetry on the third anniversary of the party's speech. On the integrity of the (April 9, 1947), of this speech from the spirit in Chinese ancient books originally Zhu ziqing's profound studies of Foundation. Zhu praised the young generation of intellectuals to abandon traditional how to use ion cannon ddos