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orbit ion cannon ddos download able. Party unity is the basic guarant DDOS ee of the party-led revolution to victory. Past, is thanks to DDOS the hair Unified leadership of the Party Central Committee headed by Comrade Zedong and party unity, and rely on the unity of the whole party, Won domestic and foreign enemies, complete the new-democratic DDOS revolution, the establishment of a People's Republic of China. Now, Leadership and solidarity with people across the country, will it be possible to overcome all kinds of obstacles in the process of the Chinese revolution, war Class struggle was further impressed when our business is great and arduous, we need to When our party is leading the people across the country are building socialism and Socialist, when Fight will be even more acute and complicated. Therefore, all party members more revolutionary vigilance, sharpen The most important key. The unity of the party, especially senior cadres of the party and unity of the senior army officials is to decide the triumph of the revolution Emotions. They are only personal stake and personal honor, exaggerated personal Currently not conducive to solidarity within the party is part of the cadre of growing individualism, pride Role of personal prestige, to the hero himself only heard flattering praise, not being criticized Jian Established, this idea is completely wrong. If that mood of individualism, pride and Mr Governor, even an extremely dangerous way of thinking, that party was created by the army, power is the army Arising from erroneous ideas, not by the party and resolutely put, allowed to exist and develop, you can To get to the point of DDOS undermining party unity, so that damage to the party's cause. In order to overcome this individualism, Self-satisfied mood, enhance party unity, the whole party, the whole army, every party member, especially the party's high-ranking cadres And senior army officials, must clearly understand: the unity of the party and the victory of the socialist revolution is th orbit ion cannon ddos download