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epic fail cannon ddos ths, militarily, and we hope can work The directions of the President, to lead wars continue to Chiang. Now the enemy is organized many large troop formation of Central Plains, Qi Shang Zai Xian Fu zuoyi, Jinan, Taiyuan, weed out the various points, and concentrate our forces to continue their March to Chiang, the implementation of Fight with us, we are different, they battle, because the time is yet to come, early battle on us For profits. So for DDOS now, just with them in central China to make some tactical. We want to do everything in its DDOS power to issue Exhibition production, preparing the material conditions (mainly artillery shells, explosives), when DDOS conditions are ripe with them again The original battle. Then "eating is not" eating anything, "pulling away" also pulled out. Fell nearly half a year to learn the results, has been able to break down the larger enemy were substantial fortifications of the city. (C) 20 years we h DDOS ave been distressed by the military, or the strong fortification of the city by the enemy could not be Conquer Shijiazhuang was the first successfully tested, and then captured Kaifen DDOS g, Luoyang, weixian, one after another, Yanzhou And other cities. As long as we are working on military production, in future, there will not be an impregnable city. In this connection, Mei Jiang underestimated for both of us. Taiyuan, Jinan was shot down. (D) North-East of the enemy, we cannot allow them to be closed. Chiang Kai-shek said it would hold Changchun, Shenyang-Dalian He came, this increases their many troubles and consumption. If you allow them to be closed, whether it is increased to France or Yang, which is good. Because they put so many troops into place so far every day air transport Central China will increase with us a lot of trouble. (E) we win today, it is more compelling. But if many of our political --Land, commercial and industrial production, towards prisoners, suppression of counter-revolutionaries, such as, there is a per epic fail cannon ddos