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ddos service buy alled subjective, just do not know, look at the issue objectively, Just do not know the materialistic point of view the issue. "Ding Xuelei and his ilk are subjective research issues "At pleasure" to see the matter. Ding Xuelei described the worker Tang Aying classconsciousness process in the large-scale attack in w DDOS riting novels, which she grew up Process, has produced wear several hats and her workers. What "ignorance, backwardness, selfish, cowardly Appropriations, just begging for the capitalists ' gift ' of the ' mob '. "He wants to put novel croo DDOS ked Songs vilify bent out of shape. Tang Aying is the daughter of a poor peasant, fled to Shanghai before liberation in Shanghai when workers from poor peasants to workers, She has an awareness of the fight against factory, what's this fuss about? T DDOS ang Aying no "Middle man". If she is from a poor peasant to the plant will become the most visionary DDOS , selfless, most Advanced workers on the thoroughness of the revolution, that was weird. Even if the workers who worked in a factory for a long time, he Who could not be without the influence of the old society. They do not live in a vacuum, they didn't Shortcomings, therefore they do not need to transform. Comrade Mao Zedong on the proper handling of people Conflicting issues in the ar DDOS ticle, teaches us that "working class in the class struggle and in the Transformation of society as a whole in the fight, and reinvent myself. In the working class must work continuously While it clearly pointed out that the working class in the transformation of society as a whole, one must "change yourself", II "Continuous learning", three "overcome your weaknesses" and "never stop!" As early as 1942, Comrade Mao Zedong in Yanan literature and art in speech at the Symposium pointed out that: "The proletariat many retain petty-bourgeois ideology, peasant and urban petty bourgeoisie Backward thinking, which is their burden in the fight. We should long to patiently teach Finish ddos service buy