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ddos cannon download ation of the peace and democracy in the political Consultative Conference DDOS resolution. Author points out that in the speech, Results from truce talks and meetings for success as a direct result, the KMT and its He DDOS democratic parties, the result of unity and cooperation, is assisting the Governments of Soviet-American-British results. The authors table Desire to be fighting of the civil war provoked by the denial of the KMT, but his speech is still the Communist Party of China maintains Chinese Communists implement the sincere desire DDOS of KMT-CPC cooperation, the establishment of a peaceful and democratic country. Although this A historical witness to national unity, respect for the will of the people. In the Chinese people's Liberation Army Headquarters of the tactical battle four speech briefing (1948 August 18) was made by the author in the fast DDOS est-growing months of liberation war speech. In the first speech, found me at the decisive battle of Central Plains war is the enemy, and I think the battle it would be Mature. Three months later, speaking at the author for the fourth time, the situation has fundamentally changed: Liao Shen has been winning the battle ended, Huaihai campaign is under way, Pingjin Campaign was about to begin; not enemies found I fight, but I concentrated on the main enemy battle at. Liberation of the majestic magnificent, it can be seen that The speech at the Military Academy to hold national exams (April 25, 1954) is a Department of fundamental system, intelligence, military st DDOS udents for the first graduating class speech. In this address, Were discussed in the period of socialist revolution and Socialist construction of building a modern furnishing problems Reaffirmed the party's leadership over the army, noted the importance of solidarity for the construction of the party and the army, on the one Breeds individualism in the cadre, the self-satisfied mood makes a serious criticism. Celebrated in Yanan on a peaceful and Democra ddos cannon download