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cmd ddos yapma to destroy the party and its leadership. They disregard people across the country and the world On the opposition and tear the Committee agreement on the one hand, outrageously launched an all-out civil war, on the one hand the bloody suppression of the national reunification Member Li gongpu, aroused great indignation DDOS of the masses. On July 14, the Kunming more than 1000 youth for democracy and People's democratic movement. On July 11, 1946, the Kuomintang secret agents assassinated in Kunming NLD Central People first party reactionaries and bloody violence. During the meeting, W DDOS en yi-duo's eloquent, rage against the reactionary Government, counter-revolutionaries, Patriotic Democratic personages from all circles in Wo Hing Temple, Yunnan University held a memorial service to pay tribute to Mr Li gongp DDOS u, complaints Against the terror of the people expressed their extreme indignation and contempt, showing that defy brutal suppression, unafraid to sacrifice, Dignity of heroic mas DDOS culinity. After the meeting, he was assassinated the reactionaries. He sacrificed, so this "final Speech "shone with radiance through the heroic glory. Last lecture These days, everyone knows, appeared in Kunming the sordid history, the most outrageous thing! Li Xian What is SIN? This did this, he's just the mouth, wrote out of millions Toumo touch kill! (Applause). The hearts of the people, everyone has a mouth has reason to say Ah, why fight, kill, and steal (Argues, big round of applause. ) Assassinated people, still want to stigmatize people, saying "peachy" cases, said Today, there is no secret service? You stand up and you out, what would kill Mr Li? Communist Party of Communists killed, shameless Ah! Shameless Ah! (A big round of appla DDOS use. ) This is a group no Shame, is a credit to Mr Li; Li) was assassinated in Kunming, is a credit to Mr LEE, Kunming Man's glory! Last year's "YiEr·Yi" Kunming young students, in response to massacres of the civil war, and now Li Xia cmd ddos yapma