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ataque ddos via cmd ics and law, DDOS there will be some new issues. We would rather admit to sleepy Think about it. Situation is very complex, purchasing power will also occur over product supply, fiscal deficits, monetary difficulties Difficult to assess it is enough, take a look at, which not only will not bow before difficulties discouraged us, anti- But will bring us together, and rely on the masses, overcome the difficulties. Adjustments in these two years, we feel that we are always difficult to estimate enough, always wanted a So a little faster. I personally handled things almost no one not so. You say I do slow down And gentle? Always a little faster. When iron and steel, giving way, where I supervise operations, Results take you down, in retrospect, steel had to give way. It was no fault of their own? Of course, there are external factors external factors is no excuse, however, also we do not cool. Steel Production reached 18 million tons, now back to 6 million tons. You can't say that 1800 MW is right. Regrets no regrets is not the problem. Not blaming heaven, not people, mainly to get experience Chi said that for Socialist construction, our experience is not enough, there is yet to be known the King Lessons learned. We subjectively think faster, is good-natured towards faster, but be prepared to slow down. Mao Ze-Dong Countries, leap from the realm of necessity to the realm of, to have a process. Now we are close to agreement lead, but this is not enough, would also like to convey our To the vast number of cadres, and to make it clear to the public as well as appropriate. Of course, leadership is decisive, Views of leadership into DDOS mass action, persuade people to join us to do, it is necessary to Do the hard work, after masses of experience. Now comrades in the province level with us about You're close, prefectural close, County, Club, team, factories, public institutions, even worse. This cannot be Below, or the 7,000 people said at the meeting that, rests fi ataque ddos via cmd