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how to do a ddos attack in cmd riendship between our two peoples in a more solid, broad and strong. It includes our two countries We are now as in the past, not only in continuing to develop our friendship, and especially in Share a common interest in efforts to maintain world peace. China and Canada are from historical experience Learn to act in defe DDOS nce of peace must take a clear position against all acts of aggression by one State against another State, 30, before us at present two choices are serious and clear. Article Against the superpower expansionists to impose their will on other countries and peoples of the world to any enterprise History has left us bitter lessons the road, leading to world war I, this is a fantasy, cowardly Frees, uncoordinated, and the path of appeasement. This can on DDOS ly encourage and accelerate the pace of agg DDOS ressors pursued its global hegemony. Another is the road of realism, which is in close cooperation and determination to combat and prevent this expansion Roads. At present, the international situation even more volatile and tense, serious threats to world peace, its root To take effective measures to treat the current critical international situation. The reason is due to the expansion of hegemony and aggression. Therefore we should be resolute in the face of this reality. Sun Yat-Sen in his will called for the us, DDOS in our country, "seeking China's freedom and equality". He also writes that "for this purpose must be joint public awareness and treat us as equals in the world peoples and I shared With the fight, ". Today, an unprecedented rise in China's international status, the Chinese people have an unprecedented awakening. In this base On a stone base, China firmly believes that she was able to complete the task of continuous improvement. Such tasks embodied in the current On the goal of socialist modernization. To this end, we also need to treat us as equals in the world I People working together. Canada and DDOS Canada national is one such nation. how to do a ddos attack in cmd