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ddos protection companies ice, their sound has the characteristics of the audience will not easily distracted. The moderator does not necessarily born with a beautiful voice, but after a long practice improves the tone and timbre. There is an excellent facilita DDOS tor, friends told me, good hosting is conducting an intensive voice training.   The suction point is: sucked into the lungs – flush at the end of opening – stopped the abdominal wall; exhale Essentials are: stable – durable – replacement in a timely manner. However, we must grasp this method is difficult, usually professionally trained.   Proper breathing when singing, n DDOS either the two carried on their shoulders, chest tight shallow costal breathing method, nor with his belly rose and plain abdominal breathing method of stiffness, chest press, but open the mouth in the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity combined exe DDOS rcise done breathing action.   There are some simple methods, such as: deep breath and smell the DDOS fragrance of flowers; taken by surprise when all of a sudden the air conditioner; simulated blowing dust. Could also use the time to get up in the morning to do some training, specific methods are:   And then sits up, feet close to the ground, keep your body straight and a few times "earlier--good –". Finally, stand up and walk in the room, speak for, "good morning, good morning". Note that time, to be sure of yourself.   Next is the empathy training. Human oral cavity, pleural effusion, and other speech organs like a speaker, used properly can send out a magnetic voice. Why do some people voice penetrating particularly strong, even if the room was noisy, could hear what he was talking about, which is the reason why resonance. Your voice must be generated by chest resonance, rather than stuck in the throat are holding out.   Whole body flat on the bed, stretching, shrinking belly, put one hand flat on the diaphragm and, on the other hand on the breastbone, and then trying to breathe, inh ddos protection companies