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how to ddos in cmd pressed peoples in their struggle for national liberation and the use of force, All acts of oppression and terrorism, it's all for reactionary purposes. Reactionary force only in l DDOS eather Imperialist war, Soviet-Chinese warlord wars, interference or interference in the Soviet war, civil Life force to fight only in this position, we can understand the current Chinese national revolution Our mission in the crisis. We are not opposed to all wars. If this is the case, then we would Armed. We support t DDOS he armed National Revolutionary War of peoples against imperialism in China. Accept the imperialists, to help them in the fight to lift the Chi DDOS nese people at present and in the future When only in the tens of millions of people to stand up, to obtain the liberation of China. France people in large leather T DDOS he fight hitting advantage against foreign invaders, Russia the peasants repel the imperialist Struggle of the armed forces, this historical precedent indicates that the way out of the Chinese people. Now there is a very popular question: "how China's oppressed people will join hands with such power DDOS ful enemies Fight to win it? "But, the history of our country not give us an answer Yet? The Northern Expedition war taught us: revolutionary armed forces rather than the reactionary armed forces and odds to win Arms are not the only determinants of ideology has its role. Public. Gongnonghongjun repeated 10 times, China times the strength of his army, and achieved victory. Of course, powerful and sophisticated armed revolutionary consciousness tie in together, is the fight against imperialism and against Best guarantee of dynamic forces. Obviously, Northeast anti-Japanese struggle of the brave volunteer long now Continuing, if not brutally reactionary evil to be destroyed would have reached higher levels. Apart from the destruction of the Chiang Kai-shek's Government, there is another factor impeding the progress of the campaign. Anti-Japanese war Volunteer le how to ddos in cmd