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ddos by cmd iples, even worse. His disciples, by deleting the clause to read his books, are more intelligent and cunnin DDOS g, know as drill chimney as he was Count things and most of his DDOS followers nor his fame qualifications, can go to the States to pass Visit the decent, so they studied the books of Confucius, drilling does no DDOS thing at all to the chimney, only know that book Articles was an explosion of research on their stepping-stone and at the same time that says with farmers and workers, said they Very learned and well informed, and oppress the farmer workers help monarch, the farmer workers also felt that Is the hole truth of the Saints, not against them. So Confucius was just drilled the chimney, his followers became General Grand dog. Jesus Christ's mercy to save mankind, and Confucius are like. Like Confucius, but he did no DDOS t Drill chimneys. Confucius for the oppressed people who only know he reasoned, so he was always out with those monarchs, And when they talk; he is not, he did not ran into any person, he was somewhat like us now He scolded them. As the Bible said, he was on his way to the temple, seen some businessmen in Revolutionary Party so close to propaganda people. He people of oppressed people, not just the message, Temple business, he scolded them, place their stalls out onto the temple door. In the Bible And often saw him scold Jewish priests and the tax collector, this is direct oppression of the Jewish people Man. In these places, could see that he was somewhat revolutionary spirit. His brave deeds, He later was killed. Yet this is absolutely indispensable by Confucius and his place. But Jesus is, like Confucius, they talk a lot of sense, and collected many of his disciples two thousand or three thousand years, but he They had not been able to save the world. Jesus and Confucius, not able to save the world, why do I say Jesus is more than Confucius ' "saints"? There are two reasons. One reason for this is because Jesus Itself still has a dr ddos by cmd