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ddos protection by sharktech els became numb and wither, more to experience DDOS and feel around some may humble of things, more in limited of time in with soul to taste natural and this really of things, so as long as has is p DDOS oints time, also to forget troubles, lost opened work, to detailed to breathing a ray rare of aroma, estrous to enjoy a strains only several tablets leaves of bluegrass, closed Shang eyes, breathing, listening......   Often use-a-b-c does not occasionally use 6. In the workplace, you wi DDOS ll choose the type of perfume?   -A fresh and skilful Eau de toilette-b Cologne perfume lasting longer-c 7. Winter perfume, how would you choose?   Appendix   seven charms female odor standings 1. Out front with their hands, halitus and sniff, you feel: oral no smell-a-b has smell, sme DDOS lly but less obvious-c, it is clear that 2. Wearing day and socks off, smell, you feel: no smell no obvious odor-b-a-c-a distinct odor 3. You often feel that private part fresh and odor-free-a very strong odor slight odor-b-c 4. Take off wearing shirt day, parts of the armpit smell, don't you think: no smell-a-b after sweating slightly damp and smelly sweat-c 5. Everyday use perfume?   -A fragrant scent of a strong class-b the fruity aroma is elegant and class-c Cologne 8. When you date someone you wanted, how would you use perfume?   Always select the flavor he likes to smell-a-b, always choosing your favorite flavor-c just smear a little 9. Where do you perfume will be applied?   Smeared on parts of the pulse-b-a-c application on the paint on the hair under the DDOS armpits 10. Perfume for yourself and create a scent-a-b can you grasp the dosage and concentration in his own feeling, sure is not very accurate-c was always poorly controlled dosage and concentration of 11. -After each use perfume a hear "good" reviews-b can occasionally hear "good" reviews-c barely hear people say "good news" 12. You have how many bottles of perfume?   -A bottle of more than two a bottle of No 13- ddos protection by sharktech