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call of duty 4 ddos rmance, we can see that they are trying to move the spirit. Futurist painting horse painting IV 20 foot foot DDOS painting, painting campaign not drawn as a line to be drawn into a triangle, and this is the spirit that moves tables Now. It seems that Western painting is made up of static and dynamic, spirit is the spirit of Western modern art. From At this point, I thin DDOS k Chinese art than they had advanced. The famous nanqi Sheikh, Six of his paintings by law, the first law is the "vividness". ① with the spirit of Western modern art Is not the same. Is the moving spirit, there is life, spirit is the rhythm. Tang Wei, Who knows this, he is a poet, was also a painter. People called him painting in the poem, painting Poetry. ② No painting in the poem but I think, it is not very important because most rhythm DDOS of poetry was to "spirit and rhyme Animated ". If no poem in the painting, that it is not the real art. We say huazhongyoushi, not Is the said painting five seven-poems or poem, and the poem each line of which consists of four words, but finger containing poetry. This poetic Is "lively". "Vivid" painting is a true picture, because art Spirit, in other words, is that art must have "rhythm", can be described as the art of life. Why We do not care about photos and attentio DDOS n to painting? How can we attach importance to the newspaper's news and focus on poetry and Novel? The reason here. The poets and painters throughout history, many, many, and the immortal poet, painter, and why It only so few? That is the art of the exigencies of life is not easy to grasp. Art of life How can we catch? This description is a really difficult thing to do. Ordinary people due to its description, so he Attribution of "genius". Kaishan ancestor of critical philosophy of Kant (Kant) says, "art is genius Product. "③ but what is genius? Heaven came down right? Was born and people differently? Near Psychoanalysis, longbuluosuo (Lombrosso) said that genius is crazy! And sayin call of duty 4 ddos