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suntrust bank ddos e opening of the officer school, bureaucratic warlords in the North, long ago it was Baoding DDOS Military Academy and the Beijing army College. Comparison of our DDOS schools and their school, they Establishment of schools for a long time, large device completely; our school's various Status, are far worse DDOS than they. If substances on the one hand to compare theories, as usual, I How can make in China? But generals and soldiers in the North, a collection in one place, set up the army, Not for the ladder, one for feeding and clothing, not above thought of salvaging and revolutionary aspirations; In the past when the Manchu Qing dynasty, the soldiers, now left to Cao Kun, Wu Peifu, and this Kinds of troops. We have no military knowledge of the Revolutionary Party, are both capable of annihilating the Qing dynasty, DDOS rich in the future Learned the Revolutionary Army, was able to destroy Cao Kun, Wu Peifu. However, we are now in the position, To be able to destroy Cao Kun, Wu Peifu, essentially to have revolutionary spirit if not revolutionary spirit, Relaxation, one of them armed, we are not able to destroy them, I am afraid, but will destroy them ... Those who come to this school to study, and listened to my speech today, naturally aspired to be The Revolutionary Army. Determined to be a revolutionary, first of all, what is it? Advanced scholarship! Have a high Deep knowledge, be bold, bold, revolutionary army can do. So do the Revolutionary Army at all, Or in the advanced scholarship. To make advanced scholarship, and by what methods? Method of creating advanced scholarship, Is not only within the Forum on a daily basis, to teach knowledge, would also like to cite three examples of anti-themselves Outreach outside the Lecture Hall required more study-oriented work, on military science and revolutionary Types of books and magazines, newspapers, reference and research. Research once you have learned, once the combination Can carry forward the revolutionary spirit suntrust bank ddos