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pnc bank ddos ss of the people, much more than in China. Of poverty but they still have unequal, so General Pass people want revolution. The revolution-what is it? Is used by the people's livelihood. Because the people Ethnic chau DDOS vinism and nationalism, on their domestic success. Apart from United Kingdom, and United States revolution brewing right now, Yet beyond the outbreak now was the Russian Revolution erupted. Prior to the Russian Revolution occurred in six years, Success now. Just three people's principles in Russia has been completely served its purpose. After the three people's principles in China fully served its purpose, into a world in the future, we Know. 78, the Russian people are very painful. When the Eur DDOS opean war, and national affiliation in consultation Think about it, or are not easy to see, but what Russia is now a look at, you can One thing to play Germany, European war does not end, the revolution in DDOS the country, is to implement the three people's principles, External consultations do not help States to make allies, and overthrow the autocratic Russian Imperial; the relationship between rich and poor, anti- For every capital in the world system. Powers was not fighting Germany, against moving to Russia. Therefore, The Russian Revolution, not only of oppression against the Emperor, is oppressed by the great powers to object and the world Systems of oppression against the capital. Revolutiona DDOS ry struggle did everything, breaking all oppression The Russian Revolution, can be said to be completely successful. In time saves nineBut how promoters of the Russian Revolution, is that three people, , And form a new State, called Su Jiai Republic, United Kingdom and Italy in acknowledgment. Called: farmers, workers and soldiers. Russia's present Government, also known as the agro-Government, is due to agricultural, industrial, Kinds of people the special elite ... Like the peoples of Russia, can be said to be at an early stage and the old, carefree life. pnc bank ddos