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bank of america ddos 2011 more than 200 years, can't do master, always a slave. Our DDOS fathers, unknown White this, so for the Manchu Qing dynasty against praises, said Ching had a profound benevolence and great favours. Later, Of oppression. People with foresight, invented nationalism in time saves nineBut how boundaries of M DDOS anchu: "why Within the country, not only are oppressed by the Manchu Qing dynasty, and Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, and Japan all powers Status of the oppressed, Manchu slave? "Very rough ideas, publicity push About 400 m DDOS illion Han Chinese with minorities of Manchus to domination? "" Why 400 million Han Chinese should al DDOS ways Widely throughout the country, 400 million people know that it is very uneven. The ancients said, "bupingzeming. "So it was all Will have to give this inequality to tie him, drove with great sacrifice the Manchus. By saying, Know that nationalism is a foreign injustice. If the status of foreigners and Chinese people have uneven, China Leather for people should be alien life. Theory DDOS of Manchu, since national people understand the limits of Manchu, known Nationalist purpose. Road status of Manchu and Han Chinese is so unfair, so the Xinhai revolution. Later, the revolution will What is called the principle of democracy is this? The doctrine of justification, and nationalism are the same. National Is the external imbalance; nationalism is inward to play rough. What's domestic inequalities feat? Is the tyranny of the emperor or warlords, bureaucrats, is still unable to control the Affairs of 400 million people, or do they A few slaves. Like oppression, injustice, and oppression of foreigners as well. And so on the domestic Is the world of sense. World and the world of sense, is the opposite. All under heaven are equal, all right Of tyranny injustice, they will have to apply the principle of democracy, promotion of people's rights and promoting people's rights, Tyranny is the same. So for foreigners to fight ine bank of america ddos 2011