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ddos bank of america 2012 which is why we should be recognized. As European literature in the 19th century after the legend and the realism Two big changes, realism in Russian literature is always an ideal: that because the Russians ring DDOS Border relationships and temperament, cannot put aside social issues, to the subjective and the objective of two extremes. We Described the literary life, thought to myself from the academic argument, but it may have subconsciously By: back the history of the p DDOS ast, in today's situation, natural and aestheticism and hedonism are not the same Feeling. This emotional reasons can make rational criticism of more solid, so we believe life literature It is today the only Chinese needs. Literature in life what is it? According to my opinion, can be divided into two items Description: First, this literature is human nature; not animal nor divine. Second, the literature is human, it is also personal; it was not a ra DDOS cial, DDOS national, local and family Mobs. Shang and concluded that humans are evolved animals: why literature should be room egos. Because With regard to the first, I have done a review of human literature had a rough said. Permission from a biological point of view Turned out to be an animal, therefore all common life instinct, is legitimate, and us good ones that favor Outside the more than human, God's nature, not our requests, but also, because of the evolution, so all Eliminated, or are not fit for human life, animal, property, rather than raise them or leave, against humanity Upward journey. Anyway, if its is to pay him a su DDOS itable room, is no more nor less Is for me. Qualitatively, this second requirement. Human consciousness, is the latest thing, so humanity's literature From this literature on the theme of human nature, the first requirement, and from the literature Also be developed within centuries, in the modern era can be said to be thriving. Human tendency in the literature, it was History facts after changing so much in the M ddos bank of america 2012