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ddos protection amazon taste, just as everyone has a unique fingerprint.   Charming woman can read the words of the smell, the use of perfume, food, essential oi DDOS ls and aromatherapy magic, shaping a good flavor of flower girl dresses.   ⊙ Miss you smelled   "Miss your smile, your DDOS coat, your white socks and your taste. "Singer Hsin, Hsiao Chi Winnie to the taste of conquest as one of millions of listeners. The taste is a young girl Miss Valentine mental feelings of the body, and medical experts with a special term to describe each of the body's unique scent, taste.   Everyone's sense of smell has adapted to one's own taste, smell or not, tend to feel less, while others, particularly intimate companio DDOS ns, friends and sexual partners, it would be obvious. Many married men and women find emotional cheating signs, changes in taste is often found each other's body began. In other words, hu DDOS man odor recognition ability is very strong, is sensitive to changes in odor.   Bouquet is a memory, for example, we smell the smells, immediately will be able to identify is a flower or a coffee. Dislocation or broken up lovers for many years, maybe a lot of things are forgotten, but deeply carved each other's scent.   United States there was a man named jiweier, ungainly, but anyone would want to be close to him, his body is said to be able to distribute a honey-like, delightful natural flavor.   When you come from a good scent, that was lucky, easy to let Yu Yuet people around, people close to you. And if bad taste, would make it difficult to close to or even ostracized. Often embarrassingly bad taste in life happen, such as talking with people at close range, suddenly smell coming from some unpleasant smell; and dearly beloved kisses, suddenly smelling each other unpleasant tone ... ...   Role of human body odor originating from human pheromones. Pheromone is Greece language, refers to an external hormones are passed in in vitro chemical information may evoke certain ddos protection amazon