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cara ddos menggunakan backtrack resources than individuals far more social , Does not cause personal greatness. We now criticizing both of education at least, you should first Personal enough, individuals do not dominate society. All the comments, it must be a suspect, thought China influenced by Confucius how great, India peoples influenced by Shakyamuni how gr DDOS eat, people across Europe under the influence of Jesus and how great, Can dominate the community, anti-said society can control person? In fact, men come to think: the peoples of the world for these great indiv DDOS iduals, of course, but the Why do we think the Chinese Confucius? The theoryy of the Confucius thinking why does not happen in India or Europe, Occur in China? Instead, he, why the d DDOS octrine of Jesus took place in India, Europe, rather Happening in China? This is because China's climate is suitable for agriculture, agriculture developed results, family With it developed; the theoryy of the Confucius, and Confucian worship and follow the example of forefathers ' theory or conduct of Yao, Shun, are completely According to the family, the so-called couple and son, father and son then monarch, not filial piety and sacrifice, without , The theoryy of the Confucius thought so also no accident that things in China, but China's land climate -Family features; it follows the theoryy of the Confucius ideology is by no means his own personal invention China industry analysis, industry conditions resulted in China's social organizations in China, Chinese social groups Weaving concepts of cause and Confucius Confucius before: it is all China Society of Confucius That is not the theoryy of the Confucius of China's society. India in the tropics, people's defence Can't afford a natural compression, and a pessimistic nature, so Wu Po Upaniad factions prior to Shakyamuni, sakiya Fletcher's pessimistic; Gautama Buddha is the product of this pes DDOS simistic nation, not because of the shijiamou Hinayana Mahayana factions after the Muni, and I cara ddos menggunakan backtrack