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script bot ddos the Red Detachment and the white-haired girl prior to the birth of Beijing Dance Gu Xuef DDOS u, a number of ex-Soviet ballet masters to teach. Artists DDOS with the help of the former Soviet Union, China-by- Gradually form a complete ballet as an art education system. In 1957, Beijing officially opened a ballet dance school Industry. At the same time, under the guidance of experts in the former Soviet Union, we also perform classical ballet in the world plays Train your team of professional dancers and choreographers, cultivating a typical Ballet audience, Ballet The outside world, the haixia daughter ' and ' Swan Lake ', ' and ' Giselle ' and so on. These artistic practices School was established, China has the second except the Beijing Ballet education base. The early 60 Europe was born in the Palace of art form for the Chinese learn more about love. 1960 Shanghai dancing Returning to the Soviet Union directed by Jiang Zuhui an DDOS d Wang Xixian respectively rehearsal Ballet Spain women Springs and the Notre Dame Cathedral and the tears. It shows that the Chinese experience with managing large-scale dance drama Capacity. After following the above step by step of thinking, learning and practice of Chinese ballet finally came to It in the creation of the first fruits. Opera Ballet in 1964 by the Central Opera and Ballet Theater premiere in Beijing. Directing: Li chengxiang, and Wang Xixian, and Ballet the Red Detachment are adapted according to the movie, a movie full of heroism, passion play Jiang Zuhui. Composer: Wu zuqiang, Du Mingxin, etc. Starring: Bai Shuxiang, Xue Qinghua, Liu Qingtang etc. All History is the vertical line, described China's second revolutionary civil war, a group of female soldiers in Hainan Island DDOS Opera in four acts by six, to Wu Qiong flower from an escaped slave life grow up to be a soldier of the revolution Revolutionary struggle and life. Which shape has the strong will of revolutionary fighters and fire character Wu Qiong Flowers, script bot ddos