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snap ddos bot ng people more classical ballet of shadows Ring. For example, in Act III, mountain demon costume hunters and fish beauty's wedding, and cast a spell Relations b DDOS etween them, with some shadow of the Swan. Seven dwarfs in the forest, as well as their Good help, also in Western mythology of classical details. In the dance style, the Mermaid, the Lessons of Chinese classical dance DDOS and folk dance movement material, but like the heroine of the Mermaid, the dance And many other dances, do not rigidly adhere to the classical dance or a certain style of folk dance patterns. Perhaps because For these reasons, the Mermaid, the debut soon brought about the National Theatre want to keep In traditional style, or to maintain the habit of aesthetic controversy. To be sure, the Mermaid, the degree Exists on the trace of imitation and "not in DDOS the fresh Ocean" problem, but it is in pursuit of ballet dance performa DDOS nce features Context, in terms of exploring the law of art of dance itself, it was a valuable first step. Especially in the Designated trail to try it is precious. In short, as with the experimental nature of the Mermaid, the, Dance drama creation in China have begun to show some kind of patterning, the Mermaid, the innovation and the other Plays the Overture. Creation and performance practice for the Chinese National Ballet classics of the Red Army and the white-haired girl Four Psalms, and heroism of the Red Army and the white-haired girl With milestone significance in the history. They indicate the fact that, ever since the 20th century, Ballet National Ballet the Red Detachment and the advent of the white-haired girl, in the development of Ballet in China In China, from scratch, starting from taking foreign productions to have their own Repertory, and will be removed from With its unique posture among the ranks of world Ballet art. School has hired lrina, Ljesevic, Shandong Burma and adopt Eva, xieliebolienikefu, Chaplin, As early as the National Ballet snap ddos bot