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black revolution ddos bot a's development has developed a successful path. But at the same time we should also see some of the art is not Especially drama and dance based shaping the basic method of creation of the characters dance, classical dance Foot. In the six main characters, Liu Yanchang and the warlord character are not sharp enough, especially in the dance Go through what mea DDOS ns, depict the characters shape the character, there is greater scope for improvement. In addition, the Surface, still a lot to explore topics. Of course, ethnic dance drama "dance" not only of the Lotus lamp Dance drama traces the influence of relatively obvious, h DDOS ow to dance through and push the plot development Problem, it's also Chinese dance a long-term challenge, and we shouldn't expect a quick fix Settlement. The Lotus lamp in its social and historical conditions, on this issue ma DDOS de themselves Exploration, has accumulated a lot of experience. The advent of the treasure Lotus light, marking the Chinese dance art Operation has entered a new stage of developm DDOS ent, as the researchers noted in the history of Ballet, "set Classical ethnic dance drama of a more complete set of styles in our country. " After the ' precious Lotus lamp, the country successively surge Put me into a classical style of Ballet works, such as the TU, and the Shi Yi wood, Weaver, journal Under the leifeng pagoda, the Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and the knife is these works in the shadows The largest. Second, of the knife's "flag" Complied with after the bangs chopped banana, and the goddess ', ' Joan Lin and Zhang Yu, and the book of ash, knives, journal Under the knife (see Figure 14) is a modern Chinese history spectacular on the Taiping Revolution Reality themed dance drama as the background of the struggle. According to Shanghai in 1853 the knife will be the armed uprising and revolt Army troops anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle full of daring historical adaptations. The curtain rises, soldiers knife congre black revolution ddos bot