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perl ddos bot ntribution to the Mongolian dance, blue 2. the "firs DDOS t dance people in Xinjiang" Ang PA Filed in Xinjiang, people would first think of the wine and song. Snow of the tianshan mountains to desert OASIS Most luscious gifts, people will use on the OASIS song and dance to return voted most romantic by nature. Days of the foot Uighurs are the real songs and dances under people. In normal days, as long as someone shoot at first hand Not to mention their "Bazaar" market, "Michael West of the Po" and other religious and folk festivals. Drum, both on a village road in th DDOS e courtyard and in the fields, people will find the drums together in the direction of song and dance, "Dancing walking, talking can sing" is a true portrayal of the Uighurs. Is such Diyana, Nazi, Qom, plate dance, encouraging, were widely circul DDOS ated throughout Xinjiang folk dance, Lifestyle, gestation, creation and preservation of a large number of traditional dance: sainaimu, Taro, and Samar, and summer Break dance first person "Ang PA. In 1947, Ang PA show in Shanghai and other places, a sensation DDOS Folk dance in Xinjiang is finishing first, and sublimate it into artistic dances brought to the Mainland, is "new Ang PA hands each holding a tray, finger clip bamboo chopsticks, as dance music sections. Bamboo chopsticks in his hand and tap Community, it let mainland residents got a taste for the first time unique to Xinjiang wind dance and dance classics. In the plates dance, Elegant and dignified gesture, idea of smiles, conveys unspeakable charm, people faint Hit the porc DDOS elain dishes, crisp sound and a melodious string lingers between the ears. Her charming beautiful face, Association with the tianshan mysterious and enchanting. In addition to the dishes outside of dance, Ang PA representatives have dimension my Classic of the forest par del and its sister paper of the Ushjak. Ang PA was born in 1922 in Kashi of the Xinjiang Song and dance in Kabul. She worked in the Moscow music dance Follo perl ddos bot