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php ddos bot irc ficant new Movement, Li jinhui in 1918 and participated in the activities of the Music Institute at Peking University, the autumn of 1920, Initiated and organized the "Moon concerts". In 1921, after he arrived in Shanghai, in addition to their daily work DDOS , but also founded The little friend magazine. The facilities provided by this type of work, so that he gradually cut through aesthetic education To educate the next generation of ideas. Interested in inheriting and developi DDOS ng traditional dance, which, under the influence of the new culture movement, Because of Li jinhui has extensive folk music literacy and skills of Chinese phonology, as well as Promote DDOS Chinese reform and children's music education, he has produced 12 children in the Decade Musical, known as the Sparrow and children, and the grapes of fairy, the night of the full moon, and the small Painters ' and ' three Butterfly ', the lambs to save his mother and the final victory DDOS , and 24 children songs The butterfly girl and the bubble-blowing. In February 1927, Li jinhui started Chinese dance school, enrolled more than more than 30 young people. Dance music, such as the poor Autumn fragrance, and the coat song ' and ' hard ', under the spring advanced, the small Parrot, Dance lessons in the course content can be divided into three categories: the first is the art of dance, classical dance, modern dance, Folk dance, the main study of the Swan dance, the sailors dance, and the Spain dance and choreography White (drama in the bucket) and other programs. Second is a formal dance, and dance means to various animals, Of the fire dance, the Golden Bell dance (dance), the blades of dance (traditional martial arts), the waves Plants and nature personified, and work hard to show their inner personality. Third is a musical, the main Actor will blend in song, dance, theatrical capacities. Through intensive and effective learning, the students in a short Was widely appreciated. "Song" ceased operation i php ddos bot irc