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g bot 2.0 ddos ance when a female character, brandish sleeves application of paragraphs. A lot of Music folk dance drama and dance of nutrients. As female role in Chinese traditional operas in the drama "the fan dance," DDOS "scarf dance" "flower Stick dance ". Opera art absorbed martial arts acrobatics show to attract viewers. Martial arts acrobatics Use of multiple male figures on the performance of roles or war leader. At the same time, also used in the breathtaking scenes of tables On now. Famous Chinese opera actor Zhou Guilin during the Qing dynasty, cutter bar-click techniques are s DDOS uperb performances, such as flying Roll the snow. Another famous actress Zhang Delin, swords and Kung Fu, dance performances such as a shooting star. Martial arts acrobatics Action performance, become part of the drama and dance. In addition, dragon dance, lion dance are also often used on the show In the song. "Foot," "Tiger-bashing," "Tiger leaping" "butterfly kick" and so on DDOS , it is traditional to be beast dance successor Drama and dance the simulated sexual dance moves, such as "shuangfeiyan", "The spread eagle" "And so on. Development. Drama and dance moves, there are simulating natural gestures, such as the "Orchid," "cloud Opera performances in a wide range of props show, is an extension of traditional props dance development. Drama Accessories show, this is the application and development of the ancient traditional dance. Performance, extensive use of fans, sleeves, napkins, knives, gun, stick, stick, sword, spear, DDOS and peacock feathers worn at the back of a Mandarin ' s hat, attached kimono Ming and Qing dynasties, theatrical art development tide, not only absorbed blend traditional dance, and Folk songs and dances, local operas to development. For example, folk songs and dances "flower drum" development during the Qing dynasty And country performance. Yangtze River folk songs and dances "tea light" by singing and dancing programs to develop Form "huagu Opera" was widely popul g bot 2.0 ddos