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ddos bot source code ctivities held each year on new year's Eve, in ceremonial activities, DDOS play Various gods, beasts, Yang Ge Zhidun, shouted a low, mantra prayer song, then singing. With the Zhou dynasty and the Han dynasty The Court "nuo" is different, the Tang Court "nuo" atmosphere is relaxed and happy. From the Tang dynasty dance activities in all aspects of the community, we can see the dance boom of the Tang dynasty , And is a strong social base. With the prosperity of the Tang society and open, music and dance culture of all ethnic groups in China and abroad frequently. Envoys of countries to Visit feast of song a DDOS nd dance, and exchanging music and dance performance, reward yuegong musical instrument and so on. Prior to this period music and dance cultural exchange and Is different, focusing on music and dance culture output. Music and dance of Central Plains culture and social pr DDOS osperity in the Tang dynasty Chinese traditional music. When Emperor Dezong of Tang and nanzhao (now Yunnan) Envoy to the Court offered the King of nanzhao folk songs and dances, after when Open, became widespread. Comparison with foreign music and dance works during this period were of the nanzhao and in church music mastery Shi Jiannan DDOS jiedushi adaptations after finishing, went to Chang an vast array of Kabuki, performance to the Palace, Dance known as the nanzhao and in church music. This music and dance to "dance" performances, singing and dancing, swing "Nan Zhao on instructions from the Holy" five words. According to historical records, the music and dance in the playing of music, singing, dance, scene Aspects of scheduling, architecture and fashion design, have reached very high levels. This activity is the ancient Exchange of music and dance festivities, and reflects the absorption of foreign music and dance by Tang dynasty music and dance culture and tolerance. Tang dynasty palace Ting this music remains in the pleasures of the Court show. After nanzhao offered, then biaoguo (now ddos bot source code