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blackenergy ddos bot 1.8 l styl DDOS e music and dance show. At this point, South North Korean music and dance cultural exchange integration, get a complete collection of the finishing, formed big sound music Dance system. During the wedding ceremony in the Palace of the Tang dynasty, set to perform these dance and music, also set up the appropriate System specification, managed by specialized bodies of taichang Temple, don't follow etiquette rules will be punished. Follows the Tong ya music management system. Every dance of JIU、Shibu music, including dance, music, songs Singing, playing and other variety s DDOS hows. On the wealth of its scale is mainly reflected in the program. For example, the yanyue In music including the Han, Wei, Jin and southern and Northern dynasties since the long-term spread of music and dance and new creations in the Tang dynasty Includes the breaking the celebration of good music, such as the Tian Yue, Jing Yunle section several months. The Qing dynasty Dance. Other music and dance are the exotic dance, with distinct local color. During this period JIU、Shibu, fully reflects the open spirit of tolerance in the Tang dynasty, of previous generations of elite DDOS Chinese and foreign music Dance of tolerance and acceptance, reflects the prosperity of the Tang dynasty music and dance. Tang dynasty dance developed and prosperous, is reflected not only in the program on the rich, is also reflected in the music and dance series Line arrangement. High and low standards of Palace of Tang dynasty music and dance show, performed by the structure is divided into "foundress" "LI PU CHI". Indoor hall performances, expected to sit and play, called "foundress". Outdoor Plaza courtyard performances State played under Hall, called "LI PU CHI". "LI PU CHI," a large number of hundreds of people. "Foundress" Is the low number of small shows. Sit, LI DDOS PU CHI dance program are quite exquisite, high level of art. At the time, to "foundress" artist level is the highest, "LI PU CHI", fo blackenergy ddos bot 1.8